JJ's Recent Photos - May 2016

After falling alarmingly behind on photo processing over the past three months as a result of 50 photo filled dives in Anilao, Philippines, in May followed immediately by a busy diving schedule due to calm summer weather at Kwajalein, the light at the end of the tunnel finally seems to be in sight.

Although only nudibranch photos from Anilao have been processed so far, it is fitting to begin sharing them first as a way of clarifying why it is we have become captivated with diving in this remarkable area.

I have sorted the species by groups and my favorite by far has to be the Phyllodesmiums, a group of cryptic nudibranch species that have evolved to blend into near invisibility on and near the soft coral species they prey upon.

Each thumbnail links to a larger photo. On each photo page, links under the photo will bring up the previous or next photos on this page.

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