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The pictures on this page are stills captured from the underwater dvd Kwajalein Underwater. This 72-minute video contains more than 400 separate scenes of marine animals and was filmed entirely at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. The movie is set entirely to music with no narration, but if your DVD player supports it, captions can be turned on to give you the the name of the pictured creature. A detailed scene-by-scene writeup is available for download in PDF format. If you'd like more information, email

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The PDF file containing the scene by scene description runs more than 50 pages. Because of its size, we suggest you download it and view it on your own computer rather than try to view the PDF file over the internet. To download the file to your disk, click the link below with your right mouse button and select Save link as (in Netscape) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer). 

Kwajalein Underwater frame-by-frame description

To view the file, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, preferably version 4 or later, which can be downloaded from Adobe's web site,

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