Passes through the atolls shallow encircling reef can range from a couple of meters deep, permitting only small boats, all the way to about 65 meters, the approximate maximum depth of the atoll's lagoon. The first photo shows the deep water pass between Burle (right) and Onemak (left) islands on the west reef. The view is looking east from the seaward side. A few lagoon pinnacle reefs are visible out into the lagoon from the islands. Pinnacle development is usually very good around deep water passes. The rich coral growth on the pinnacles is enhanced by the regular tidal currents entering and exiting the passes.

Here's the same pass on a different day, looking from the southeast. Here Burle is at lower left and the hooked Onemak at mid-upper right. Beyond Onemak is another deep water pass separating it from the island of Illeginni.

A shallower pass can be seen on the eastern (windward) reef along a long stretch where there no islands.

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