Kwajalein Lagoon is the resting place for numerous Japanese ships sunk in aerial attacks by US planes in the period leading up to the invasion of Kwajalein in 1944. The top three photos below show scenes from the Palawan, a freighter sunk upright off the north tip of the island of Bigej. Bottom depth is about 50 meters and the water here is usually clear. You can see a bit more on Kwaj shipwrecks from still captured from a WWII shipwrecks of Kwajalein video, and get a lot more photos and information from Dave Fortin's Kwaj wrecks website.

This mastpost has fallen down since this photo was taken.

One of the more scenic sights on any of the wrecks, this sponge-covered spoked steering stands at the stern of the Palawan.

The photo below shows the bowgun of the larger freighter Azakaze Maru.

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