Anous stolidus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Brown or Common Noddy

The Brown Noddy is abundant at Kwajalein and present year round. We have seen it nesting on many uninhabited islets in the atoll, and it is seen by fishermen in large "bird piles" over schools of feeding fish. It differs from the similar White-capped Noddy in its slightly larger size, dark brown rather than black coloration, less distinct white cap on the head and slightly curved bill that is about as long as its head. These differences and subtle, and it is possible some of our IDs may be incorrect.

Young one in a nest.

With a Black-naped Tern on an outer island beach.

I've put this as a Brown Noddy due tothe apparently slightly curved bill, although the bill does seem too long and the white cap more extensive than usual. It may actually be a White-capped Noddy.

Created 24 January 2018

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