Sterna sumatrana Raffles, 1822
Black-naped Tern

The Black-naped Tern is a common resident in Kwajalein Atoll. It can be seen from Kwajalein flying around the northeast end of the island or around the moored boats in the harbor. It rarely comes farther ashore at Kwajalein, but is commonly seen flying around the lagoon or resting on buoys or little used outer island piers where there are few people.

This one is on the pole marking the reef called N-buoy.

These were on the rudder of the Prinz Eugen shipwreck.

On pier railings on Gellinam Island.

This young chick landed on our boat some miles from any land. We gave it some time to recover, but it remained too tired to fly again, so we returned it to the nearest island.

Created 26 January 2018

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