Notarchus indicus Schweigger, 1820

Notarchus indicus is rarely observerd in the Marshalls. The first was found on 25 August 2008 in a lagoon Halimeda patch at a depth of about 8m (first three photos below). It measured about 25mm in length. The only specimen I saw at Kure Atoll in the Hawaiian Islands had darker spots. Specimens were observed when disturbed to tighten up into a mostly round ball that looked very much like a rather hard clump of algae.

The two specimens below were found in a Kwajalein lagoon Halimeda patch on 25 and 26 May 2009.

The pair shown below may have been mating. It was kind of hard to tell.

The one below was a bit more yellow in color than the others we have seen. It was in a Kwajalein lagoon Halimeda patch on 19 September 2010.

Created 28 August 2008
Updated 30 September 2010

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