Petalifera edmundsi (Bebbington, 1974)

A single specimen of what appears to be Petalifera edmundsi was found and photographed by Christina Sylvester on the alga Turbinaria. The tough Turbinaria would seem an odd choice for a food source, but other reports of this or similar species are on the related Sargassum, also a rather tough food item.

Eggs deposited on the Turbinaria algae.

Additional specimens were found also on Turbinaria in the Kwajalein reef quarries by Christina Sylvester in July. One was heavily spotted with brown.

This shows two individuals on a Turbinaria segment. The darker brown one is a little hard to pick out.

A cluster of Turbinaria plants among coral colonies.

Created 27 June 2016
Updated 21 August 2016

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