Eubranchus sp. b056

This small Eubranchus resembles E. mandapamensis but lacks the blue bands on the cerata and has smooth rather than warty rhinophores. Several were found on hydroids on the black sand slope off Tulamben. It might be the species called Eubranchus sp. 1 in Gosliner et al 2008. There are also similarities to Eubranchus ocellatus. and in fact, the two species seem to blend together. Eubranchus sp. b056 has very small ocelli that in some specimens do get larger. Some of the photos near the bottom of this page have quite large ocelli, Where to draw the line between the two species is uncertain.

Below the brown circular ocelli start to get larger, approaching those of Eubranchus ocellatus.

Created 26 December 2012
Updated 18 January 2016

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