Chromodoris cf colemani Rudman, 1982

Two specimens were seen under rocks in shallow water at Tulamben. The first was on an egg mass, deposited in the typical manner for this genus, as a spiral with the flat edge attached to the substrate. While some references consider this a variety of Chromodoris colemani, it looks very different from the animals we identify as C. colemani in the Marshalls, and also quite different from my reading of the original description. I suspect there are more than one species hiding behind the C. colemani name.

I was so focused on the large chromodorid that I did not notice the small specimens of the egg-eating nudibranch Favorinus mirabilis grazing away at the egg mass in the lower part of the photo and crawling away at left, just above the midline.

There is an even smaller eolid just to the left of the lower pinkish Favorinus, which is probably a younger and smaller egg eater.

The smaller specimen below was found under a rock in shallow water east of the Liberty wreck in Tulamben.

Created 14 July 2013

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