Micromelo undatus (Bruguière, 1792)

Micromelo undatus is known in the Marshalls from several specimens and a good number of empty beachwash shells. They inhabit lagoon sandy areas at depths of 5 to 15 meters as well as reef quarries in rubbly sand in 1 to 3m. Micromelo undatus was originally described from the Caribbean, and the Pacific variety was given a different name, Micromelo guamensis. Now many opisthobranch researchers think it is probably just one circumtropical species. Specimens show some animal color variation, and those we have seen in Hawaii are also a bit different. The first photo below shows a specimen from sand on the interisland reef at Enewetak Atoll.

The next few photos show a smaller specimen from the Kwajalein reef quarry.

Created 22 January 2007
Updated 2 February 2016

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