Phanerophthalmus albocollaris Heller & Thompson, 1983

This specimen from Kwajalein Atoll has markings like those described for Phanerophthalmus albocollaris from the Red Sea. I have not seen the original description, but it was quoted in the Sea Slug Forum as "yellowish brown, the central area being blackish. The posterior flaps of the headshield are coloured in a very conspicuous white, which forms the shape of a W." The white "W" is very conspicuous in this photo of this 16mm specimen found under dead coral at a depth of 8m. However, we are inclined to think this one at least may be a color form of P. smaragdinus. A closer examination of multiple specimens may reveal consistent differences.

This was a very small specimen found on a Kwajalein seaward reef on 27 November 2011.

Created 20 February 2009
Updated 11 December 2011

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