Aglaja regiscorona Bertsch, 1972

This small 4mm long cephalaspidean is very likely the gray form of the Aglaja regiscorona figured on the Sea Slugs of Hawaii site. The zoomed in image below doesn't show much detail, but the surface is pustulose with small white warts. To the naked eye, the color appears black with the small white pustules and scattered larger white patches. Under magnification, the coloration resolves to translucent gray covered with black and white granules, the white ones more prominent on the pustules. There are orange bands running laterally just inside the parapodia. This specimen was found on Enewetak's lagoon reef, under a chunk of dead coral at a depth of 5 meters.

A specimen found on 8 August 2011 might be the lighter-colored form of this species. This 4mm animal was washed out of algae and hydroids growing under a floating dock in Kwajalein's harbor.

Created 28 January 2007
Updated 10 August 2011

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