Spinoaglaja orientalis (Baba, 1949)

Spinoaglaja orientalis is known from several specimens in the Marshalls, one at Enewetak and at least four from Kwajalein Atoll. Two were on lagoon reefs and three in a Kwajalein reef quarry. The Enewetak specimen was on a rock at a depth of 3 meters and the Kwajalein lagoon one on sand at 20 meters. Two Kwajalein quarry specimens were found by Christina Sylvester on 21 November 2014 under rocks in shallow water. The Enewetak animal measured 17mm and one of the Kwajalein ones 15mm at rest. We also have one specimen from Hawaii.

This is one of the Kwajalein quarry specimens.

Created 28 January 2007
Updated 10 January 2018

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