Chelidonura sp. e556

This white-speckled Chelidonura has been found on lagoon sandy reefs at depths of about 8m in Kwajalein Atoll. The individual in the first three photos was found 13 October 2008 and measured about 14mm in length. Two specimens were observed at that time, and they were among a larger group of Chelidonura sp. e436 scattered over an area of a few dozen square meters. When disturbed, it secretes orange fluid much like Chelidonura sp. e436 and could be a color form of that species. However, it seemed more stout and its distinct white speckling gave it a much different appearance, so we are keeping it separate for now.

A bit of a blue submarginal band can be seen inside the parapodia around the anterior end.

The next three photos show two specimens found in the same area on 1 December 2008. These two varied considerably in the amount of white speckling.

The two specimens below queued up, possibly in preparation for mating.

Created 18 October 2008
Updated 5 January 2009

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