Carminodoris estrelyado (Gosliner & Behrens, 1998)

Carminodoris estrelyado is uncommon in the Marshalls, where it so far has been recorded only from Kwajalein Atoll. It most often lives under rocks on lagoon reefs and pinnacles at depths of about 3 to 8 meters, although we have now found several in lagoon Halimeda patches.

The specimens in the first next photos below ranged from 10 to 14mm in length.

The three individuals clustered together in the photo below were found on 27 June 1982.

The animal figured below is the largest of this species we have seen, measuring approximately 30mm in length. It was found on 21 July 2008 at a depth of about 9m in a lagoon Halimeda patch. A bit paler in color than the others we've seen, it was nearly twice the length of most of the others.

This large specimen was found with a mass of orange eggs.

A close-up shows the pattern and structure of the rhinophore.

Another light-colored specimen found 25 August 2008.

Charging across algae into the camera.

Another from under a rock on a shallow lagoon reef.

Created 15 December 2006
Updated 12 February 2016

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