discodorid sp. e218

This unidentified dorid is known from a single specimen brought up in a bag of sponge and algae samples from the lagoon bottom of Enewetak Atoll at a depth of about 65 meters. The specimen measured 10mm in length. It is hard to tell too much from the photo, so notes on the living animal follow. The body is elongate oval, soft but not flaccid. The wide margin spreads out and covers the foot. The mantle is densely covered by small but irregularly sized warts. Color is white with very minute purple flecks. Irregularly scattered are areas or spots of translucent grayish white warts spotted with opaque white. The undersurface is white, with some purplish flecks near the junction of foot and underside of mantle. Oral tentacles are rather long and white. Rhinophores have white peduncles, and the clubs are dirty white spotted with purple and white, with more white spots near tips. Each rhinophore bears about 15 lamellae. Gills are tripinnate with 7 stalks that are translucent white speckled with diffuse purple to almost brown spots, and are tipped with silvery white.

Created 13 December 2006

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