Sebadoris fragilis (Alder & Hancock, 1864)

Sebadoris fragilis is known from the Marshalls from about a dozen specimens found at Kwajalein and Enewetak Atolls, although their relative scarcity is due more to lack of search effort in their habitat rather than rarity. They have been found in the lagoon under dead coral or aluminum storm debris, and rarely on the leeward seaward reef in ledges and caves at night. At Kwajalein, four specimens, including both of those figured below, were found on one short search under concrete slabs dumped as shoreline reinforcement along central Kwajalein's lagoon shore at a depth of less than 1 meter at medium low tide. Although very similar to our specimens of Tayuva lilacina, we believe the species figured below is different. These animals differ from T. lilacina in typically being larger and having a more mottled pattern of gray and white rather than the distinctly spotted pattern seen on the specimens on the T. lilacina page. The photos below show an 80mm specimen.

The underside has large brown spots.

The specimen below was found on 27 March 2011 on the same shallow lagoon reef as those above. This one was the largest we have seen at about 120mm in length.

We have what we thing are the same species from Pohnpei and the Solomons, although the latter is more brown than gray.

Created 15 December 2006
Updated 6 April 2011

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