Jorunna parva (Baba, 1938)

This would appear to be Jorunna parva, a species figured on the Sea Slug Forum primarily from Japan. However, it also closely resembles Jorunna sp. 2 on the Forum. Both J. parva and J. sp. 2 are variable in color and it is possible both represent the same species. Curiously, there is also a temperate species named Jorunna pardus from California that is also similar in color. Our Jorunna parva is known in the Marshalls from two specimens, the first found on 25 August 2008 on an eastern lagoon Halimeda patch at a depth of about 8m. It measured 22mm in length.

The specimen found had a deformed mantle, which folded outward on the right side approximately even with the gills.

Here is the same animal shot with a different digital camera, which showed a bit different coloration.

The second specimen was nearly the same size at 23mm, and was in a lagoon Halimeda patch on 26 March 2012. This one is a bit darker.

The side view shows the spotting on the yellow foot.

Created 29 August 2008
Updated 31 March 2012

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