Discodoris cebuensis Bergh, 1877

The first specimen of Discodoris cebuensis we saw in the Marshalls was a single specimen found on 2 September 2008 in an eastern lagoon reef Halimeda patch. The 50mm long animal was nestled in the algae at a depth of about 8m. This species is quite similar in appearance to some forms of Discodoris boholiensis, but can be distinguished by the several purple pustules dorsally and a bright yellow foot.

The underside is yellow with brown markings along the margin of the foot.

Starting in June of 2012, an additional five specimens have been found as of now, all in similar Halimeda algae patches on the Kwajalein lagoonr reef. Some of these are figured below.

Created 3 September 2008
Updated 11 October 2012

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