Dendrodoris cf rubra (Kelaart, 1858)

The real Dendrodoris rubra is thought to be a synomym of D. fumata, and our animals do not too closely resemble the original description anyway. However, while there are some similarities between this animal and the Marshall Islands D. fumata, I think they are different species. Although known in the Marshalls from only a few specimens from Kwajalein, the same species, or at least an identical color form, is also occasionally found in Hawaii.

The specimen in the two photos below was found under a rock at a depth of 15m on Kwajalein Atoll's seaward reef on 24 June 2007.

The two photos below show a specimen found under a rock on the seaward reef on 1 August 2010.

Created 25 December 2006
Updated 29 August 2010

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