Bornella johnsonorum Pola, Rudman, & Gosliner, 2009

This Bornella is found primarily at night in ledges and small caves on the slopes of lagoon pinnacles and the seaward reef at depths of 8 to 15 meters. Sizes ranged from 19 to about 50mm. Externally these can be distinguished from B. stellifer by the lack of orange subapical rings on the dorsolateral processes. Bornella hermanni has a distinct red network externally and much smaller posterior papillae on the rhinophoral sheaths. Bornella sp. e468, on the other hand, has an even more distinct red network on the body and very white, less cylindrical dorsolateral processes. At least some of these also have quite different radulae.

A closeup of the anterior end and rhinophore processes shows a posterior papilla twice as tall as the rhinophore.

On its hydroid prey at night.

Created 20 January 2007
Updated 1 March 2016

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