Tritoniopsis cf alba Baba, 1949

The adult in the first photo is pretty close to what Gosliner et al (2008) figure as Tritoniopsis alba but may also be what they call Tritoniopsis sp. It is similar to Tritoniopsis elegans but has a somewhat distinct, pustular whitish low wide ridge middorsally with branches to the branching lateral processes. The large Marshall Islands animal was found at night on the soft coral Lobophyton on an Enewetak Atoll lagoon pinnacle reef and measured 23mm in length.


The one below is one of a pair found on Sarcophyton soft coral at night on the seaward reef.

A small 7mm individual with blue pigment on its body and lateral processes is thought to be a juvenile. It was exposed on an algae covered rock on a Kwajalein lagoon pinnacle on 26 January 2015.

Another small individual with blue coloring was found by Christina Sylvester at a depth of 1m in a Kwajalein reef quarry on 23 February 2016.

This one was found on some damaged soft coral on the seaward side of Kwajalein Atoll's east reef at a depth of about 8m.

Created 20 January 2007
Updated 5 September 2016

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