Notobryon wardi Odhner, 1936

Notobryon wardi is known in the Marshalls from several specimens found in a Halimeda patch at a depth of 8m on a sandy lagoon slope. The first was found during the day and the next six found on a single dive at night in the same algae patch. Several more were found on night dives in the same or similar spots. One animal measured 25mm in length. The specimens from the Marshalls are more translucent than animals we have seen in Hawaii.

A closer shot of the rhinophores and anterior end.

This 5mm long individual found by Christina Sylvester in one of the Kwajalein reef quarries appears to be a juvenile Notobryon wardi.

After seeing no specimens for several years, one more popped up recently in Halimeda algae at night on a lagoon reef near where the first batch were found earlier.

Created 24 November 2007
Updated 21 August 2016

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