Flabellina bicolor Kelaart, 1858

Flabellina bicolor is relatively common in the Marshalls and has been found at Enewetak, Kwajalein, and Bikini Atolls. It is most commonly found under rocks on the intertidal reef, but can also occur to depths of at least 10 meters on lagoon reefs and pinnacles, and one individual was found at 25 meters on the eastern seaward reef slope. One small group of them was found eating hydroids on a plastic fishing float tied off as a subsurface buoy on one of the lagoon-bottom shipwrecks at Kwajalein. Sizes of measured specimens ranged from about 5 to 15mm. It is also a common shallow water species in Hawaii.

The specimen below was found on a metal piece of debris covered with sponges on the Kwajalein Atoll western lagoon reef at a depth of about 15m on 4 January 2009.

Specimens from lagoon pinnacles seem to have a bit more distinctly white stippled pattern.

Created 8 January 2007
Updated 25 December 2015

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