Noumeaella sp. e220

We did not get a very good shot of this species, four specimens of which were found varying from gray to black in color. The black one seems to match Noumeaella sp. 3 from Gosliner et al (2008), reported from Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. All were found at night on 4 August 1982 feeding on the pictured hydroids on a sunken landing craft at a depth of about 8 meters at Kwajalein. They have not been seen again. The hydroid was tentatively identified as Thyroscyphus vitiensis Marktanner-Turneretscher, 1890

Although not too clear, the photo below shows both the black and gray forms. The gray one seemed mostly to just lack the dense aggregation of black flecks that gave the darker one its color.

Created 8 January 2007
Updated 22 February 2009

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