Tenellia sp. e498

This unidentified species of Cuthona is known from the Marshalls from two specimens found at Kwajalein Atoll. The first was in the windward seaward reef groove and spur system, exposed on an algae-covered wall at a depth of 3m. The second, the one in the photos below, was found on a small white hydroid on algae covered rocks on a lagoon pinnacle at a depth of 6m on 7 August 2009. A written description taken under magnification is provided below.

The body is light yellow with a faintly bluish patch in front of and behind rhinophores, and between first two cerata rows. Within the bluish patches are brighter yellow markings, a V shaped one in the patch behind the rhinophores with the tops of the V just posterior to each rhinophore and the base of the V between the inside edges of the first cerata group. There is more bright yellow around the anterior end of the animal and extending out on the cephalic tentacles. A single dorsal orange-red dot is in the center of the front of the body, just back from the anterior margin, within the yellow patch around the anterior end. Rhinophores are close set, tall, conical, smooth, about as long as the cephalic tentacles. They are translucent yellow at the base, then with a wide orange-red band, and with the upper half mostly white. Cerata are mostly light yellow, each with a single orange-red dot about 2/3rds of the way up. The cerata are relatively crowded along the body, making it difficult to count rows. The orange-red dot on each cera is the most distinctive feature.

Sea Slugs of Hawaii has a photo of this species as Cuthona sp. 2. It is called Cuthona sp. 12 in Gosliner et al (2008).

Created 30 December 2007
Updated 17 March 2017

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