Caloria sp. e551

We originally included these with Caloria indica, even though there are differences in color on the cephalic tentacles and head. After some discussion with experts and some reflection on the coloration, we finally decided it would be safer to keep them separate for now. We have found specimens at Enewetak and Kwajalein Atolls in a variety of lagoon reef, pinnacle, and seaward reef habitats. One specimen was found crawling on an Enewetak Atoll midlagoon buoy line at a depth of 35 meters. Around 2014, divers frequenting the lagoon side of Kwajalein Island were finding more of these than they were Caloria indica, which is the more common of the two on seaward reefs. Lengths of the animals have ranged from 15 to 30mm. It also occurs in Hawaii.

This animal was found by Christina Sylvester in algae growing on a shallow sunken landing craft on the lagoon side of Kwajalein Island.

Created 14 September 2008
Updated 15 December 2017

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