Favorinus sp. e574

Two specimens of this small eolid were found on 8 February 2009. They were inside the mucus bubble egg masses of bubble shells at a depth of about 26m along Kwajalein's lagoon slope. The specimen below measured about 7mm in body length, but the long cerata stretched its length out to about 10mm. These appear to be the species figured on the Sea Slug Forum as Favorinus sp. 3, especially the photograph from the Philippines by Terry Gosliner. Gosliner et al (2008) figure it as Favorinus sp. 4.

The animal in the photos below was photographed inside the bubble shell egg mass, where it was feeding on the eggs.

Nearby, within bubble shell mucus balls that had been nearly cleared of eggs, the Favorinus apparently laid its own eggs.

Three more specimens were found in bubble egg masses on 21 February 2010 on a lagoon slope at a depth of about 27m. The photo below shows two of them inside the egg mass.

Next is a close shot of one of the 21 February 2010 specimens taken a digital microscope. It measured 6mm in length.

Many specimens were observed in what we think were the egg masses of Haminoea sp. e502 on the sandy lagoon slope in 15 to 25m of water on 24 April 2011. The shots below show some of these animals.

Another within a bubble egg mass.

Created 13 February 2009
Updated 13 April 2014

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