Baeolidia ransoni (Pruvot-Fol, 1956)

Baeolidia ransoni is another widespread species only recently found at Kwajalein. Several specimens were found by Christina Sylvester on different occasions on colonies of Palythoa (a zoanthid somewhat similar to soft corals and anemones). The Palythoa was attached to a small rock in one of the Kwajalein reef quarries. Large patches of this Palythoa spread out over the intertidal reef seaward of the reef quarry, and it seems likely the small chunk where the nudibranchs were found broke off one of these larger colonies and rolled into the quarry. All these specimens were tan in color and are figured in the first few photos below.

More specimens from April 2016.

On 8 August 2016, an additional four specimens were found on Palythoa at a depth of about 14m on Kwajalein Atoll's seaward reef. These all looked yellow where first seen on the sides of the Palythoa colony but appeared more green when they crawled on nearby darker colored rocks.

Created 26 December 2015
Updated 21 August 2016

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