Tenellia sp. e749

Two of these unidentified Tenellia were found on 28 December 2015 on a lagoon reef at a depth of about 6m under a broken piece of a bluish colored Goniopora species, not the same coral as Tenellia sp. e675 were found. Although lighter in color, they appear to be the species figured as Phestilla sp. 3 in Gosliner et al (2015). The larger specimen was probably close to 25mm in length. They were on the underside of the broken coral chunk, and appeared to prefer to be resting on dead coral at the edge of the living polyps, upon which they were apparently feeding. A small individual is nestled up against the larger at the upper left of the animal in the first two photos.

This much darker specimen was found and photographed by Stan Jazwinski. Possibly it was eating a darker species of Goniopora.

Created 29 December 2015
Updated 17 March 2017

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