Plocamopherus maculatus (Pease, 1860)

Plocamopherus maculatus is known from the Marshalls from several specimens observed at night on the atoll's western seaward reef. All were in small caves at depths between 10 and 18 meters. The animals measured 25 to 30mm in length. When disturbed, several patches on the body of this nudibranch will phosphoresce for a few seconds. The animal is also able to swim--well, to raise itself up off the bottom--by laterally bending its body back and forth, sort of flapping with its keel-like tail. We also have specimens from Hawaii and the Solomons.

The specimen below was found at night in a small seaward reef cave at a depth of about 12m on 11 July 2009.

Created 3 January 2007
Updated 18 July 2009

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