Trapania circinata Gosliner & Fahey, 2008

This species is known from the Marshalls from three specimens found at Kwajalein Atoll. One was discovered in a ledge at night on a lagoon pinnacle, while the other was crawling on sand during the day on the atoll's western seaward reef. One of the Marshalls specimens measured 17mm.

The reproductive system can be seen as two peach-colored balls near the right side of the animal about halfway between the rhinophores and gills in the photo below.

This one was found at about 40m on the western seaward side of Kwajalein by Bess Buchanan and photographed by Stan Jazwinski.

The rather poor photo below is included since it shows the first specimen found in the Marshalls.

Created 3 January 2007
Updated 19 March 2017

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