Vexillum exasperatum (Gmelin, 1791)

Vexillum exasperatum is one of the most common costellarids at Kwajalein, abundantly found in sand and Halimeda patches on lagoon, pinnacle and seaward reefs. Large numbers are seen in fine sand and algae along interisland lagoon reefs.

Many shells of this and some other species are often covered with elongate hydroids that are very visible in the one below.

Young specimens have a smoother scuplture on the shell.

Near two kinds of Caulerpa algae.

This green algae coated individual is feeding on a cerith.

Feeding on the columbellid Mitrella ligula.

A couple of shells feeding on a planktonic salp that had crashed to the bottom.

A mass of Vexillum exasperatum eating what was probably a deceased Conomurex luhuanus (blood-mouth conch).

Created 7 September 2015
Updated 9 September 2016

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