Naquetia triqueter (Born, 1778)

Our references do not all seem to agree on which species is Naquetia triqueter and which is N. cumingii. What we are calling Naquetia triqueter is uncommon in the Marshalls, and is found under rocks or exposed at night at depths of 10 to 40m on the seaward reef.

Shells are often heavily encrusted.

Looking for dinner? The murex was on the pecten Mirapecten rastellum under a rocks, but there was no sign in the bivalve's shell that any drilling had taken place.

The shell below is next to its egg mass.

This one was on the egg capsules of a cone shell. While we did not actually see it eating the eggs, the placement was suspicious.

Created 1 October 2010
Updated 11 October 2016

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