Pterynotus martinetanus (Röding, 1798)

Pterynotus martinetanus is rare in the Marshalls. Specimens have been found under rocks or in caves at night on lagoon pinnacles and the seaward reef, at depths from about 10 to 40m. There appear to be two distinct forms, both illustrated in the photos below. One form is lighter in color and appears to have a slightly wider shell with less distinct outer lip fronding (first photo). The other is distinctly orange-red and in the adult has more distinct out lip fronds. A genetic comparison between the two would be interesting.

A slightly young orange specimen has less distinct fronding.

The animal is similar in color pattern to Pterynotus bouteti and Pterynotus elongatus, but not to Pterynotus tripterus.

Created 1 October 2010

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