Oliva efasciata berti Terzer, 1986

Oliva efasciata berti is common at Kwajalein, found from the low intertidal down to at least 20m in sand, most often in the lagoon. Formerly known as Oliva berti, recent references list it as a subspecies of Oliva efasciata.

This animal also has a little pointed tuft of tissue extending back onto the shell from the upper part of the siphonal canal.

The photos below show the large, 91mm specimen alongside a more typical one.

In addition to size, the large specimen had a lot more dark pigment in its foot.

Olive species are often quite variable in coloration, and this species as Kwaj is no exception, as seen by the two shells below.

Created 8 October 2010
Updated 26 March 2017

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