Oliva sp.

Like Oliva panniculata, this species most often lives in pockets of sand on the top, more flat part of the seaward reef at depths of 3 to 10m. Occasionally, they are also found in similar sand pockets on the tops of large, flat-topped lagoon pinnacles. They are usually seen by sweeping the tops of wave-generated sand ripples. As this is an area that gets quite a bit of sand agitation from the waves, the small olives are extremely active and will start quickly digging back into the sand very quickly upon being exposed. We originally considered this a form of Oliva panniculata due to the identical habitat and at least similar habits, but it has been suggested by outside experts that they may be different. At least here at Kwajalein, this species (or color form) is found in the same areas as O. panniculata, but is less common. Rough counts indicate that you can see one of these for every ten O. panniculata. Maximum size is about 20mm.

Created 29 November 2010
Updated 16 March 2017

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