Titiscania limacina Bergh, 1890

Titiscania limacina is one of two known species in the family Titiscaniidae, the second being found in Japan. It is a shell-less mollusk most closely related, apparently, to nerites, the rounded, thick-shelled snails that generally live in the high intertidal splash zone. At Kwajalein, Titiscania limacina is usually found subtidally, underneath rocks that are partially buried in sand. The large one in the first photo measured about 15mm.

The white dots in two lines along the length of the body are reported to be glands that release a white defensive chemical when the animal is disturbed.

Although the species supposedly completely lacks a shell as adults, the damaged individual in the two photos below almost looks like it has a thin, smooth shell behind the eyes where the outer skin has peeled back. This is apparently the mantle cavity, which is just behind the head in this species, and which the damage has exposed.

Created 22 November 2017

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