Pterois radiata Cuvier, 1829
Clearfin Lionfish

Pterois radiata is found in ledges and overhangs on seaward, pinnacle and lagoon reefs, sometimes occupying the same holes with P. antennata. It will come out of the caves at night to forage, usually for small shrimp and crabs, although they will eat small fish at least in an aquarium.

Pterois radiata has long pectoral fin rays with membrane connecting the rays rather small and close to the body. The pectoral fin membrane is unspotted, usually just solid orange or red bordering the white fin rays. Also, the dorsal spines are a more solid color, unlike the banded spines of P. antennata and D. zebra. I suppose these features give it its usual common names of Clearfin Lionfish or Clearfin Turkeyfish.

The antennae on the dorsal side of the eyes are long and pointed with a white vertical stripe.

Created 27 June 2011

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