Odonus niger (Rüppell, 1836 )
Redtooth triggerfish

Here at Kwaj, Odonus niger lives on the seaward reef slope, usually at depths of about 20m or more. Where you see one, there are usually many. They rise way up off the bottom in groups (last photo) to feed on plankton, but tend to retreat back down to the reef when approached by divers. They tend to watch an approaching diver as in the second photo below, and dive into holes if approached too closely. Also called the vampire triggerfish, this and the "redtooth" common name refer to the red fangs that can frequently be seen protruding from between their lips.

A younger individual.

A group feeding on plankton in the water column.

Created 21 May 2012
Updated 4 October 2016

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