Wonders of the Living Reef
The Invertebrates

The pictures on this page are stills captured from the underwater video Wonders of the Living Reef - The Invertebrates. This 42-minute video focuses on coral reef dwelling animals without backbones. The video contains 631 separate scenes and was filmed entirely at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. The tape is set entirely to music with no narration, although a booklet describing each scene is included. If you'd like more information, email uwkwaj@yahoo.com.

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The text of the booklet that accompanies the video is available here:

Wonders of the  Living Reef frame by frame description

To view the file, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, preferably version 4 or later, which can be downloaded from Adobe's web site, http://www.adobe.com.

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