Phyllodesmium cf hyalinum Ehrenberg, 1831

The identification is uncertain. It seems as though I change my mind about this and some other Phyllodesmium species every time I look at them. The photos below kind of look like Phyllodesmium lizardense in Gosliner et al (2015). It may be just the angle of the photos, but I cannot reconcile that identification with the photos in the original species description by Burghardt et al (2008). So for now I am going back to my original guess and say it needs to be compared with P. hyalinum. Two specimens were observed in 2015, one at Eagle Point and another at a site called Secret Garden. 25mm.

In 2016, several more were seen, all at night in the Red Palm area, usually feeding on Xenia.


Both the Phyllodesmium (right) and a Marionia (left) were attacking this poor, loose Xenia colony.

Created 14 June 2015
Updated 25 May 2017

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