Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828)

Hypselodoris infucata varies somewhat in color. Some were very similar in overall coloration to H. cf kanga. A chief visible difference is the morphology and coloration of the gills; in this species they are simple pinnate stalks, white with red edging to the stalks and lamellae, while in H. cf kanga they are triangular in shape with the stalk edges black to red and white lamellae, and distinct white or yellow spots running up the outer triangular face. Several specimens from Tulamben and other individuals observed on the pilings of a wharf near Blue Lagoon had a more distinctly blue background.

The Blue Lagoon wharf specimens are in the two photos below.

This paler blue specimen was at Tulamben.

More from the Tulamben area.

With an egg mass, near the Tulamben River site.

A young specimen with an underdeveloped left rhinophore.

Created 26 December 2012
Updated 17 January 2016

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