Hypselodoris cf kanga Rudman, 1977

Hypselodoris cf kanga is very similar in overall coloration to Hypselodoris infucata. The gill coloration and morphology seem to be the primary difference between them. This species was far more common than H. infucata and was found at a number of Tulamben sites. This is sometimes called a form of H. kanga, which has black lines rather than spots, but Gosliner et al 2008 note that more work is needed to determine if they are indeed the same species.

This one was oddly colored with its more dense, larger yellow spots.

This species can stretch out its mouth considerably, possibly because its sponge prey is often buried by a layer of sediment.

With eggs.

Young specimens.

Created 26 December 2012
Updated 17 January 2016

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