Hypselodoris apolegma (Yonow, 2001)

This one is a bit of a puzzle. The animal in the top photo clearly represents Hypselodoris apolegma with its speckled zone between the wide white margin and purple dorsal color. About two meters away was the animal in the second photo, whose narrow white margin and lack of a speckled border make it resemble some forms of Hypselodoris bullockii. The puzzle is, that although these are large, distinct and hard to miss chromodorids, we saw only these two in this species complex in a total of 25 long days of diving. As rare as they seemed to be while we were there, it would be quite a coincidence for these two to show up so close together if they were in fact different species. Of course, it is possible that they are different but closely enough related that they attracted each other anyway. It is clear, as has been noted by other nudibranch watchers, that this is a group that could use more detailed study.

On prey sponge.

The animal on the left was attached to a loose chunk of sponge, which was carefully moved next to the other animal for a comparison photo.

These two large individuals were mating next to the Liberty shipwreck.

Created 15 July 2013
Updated 15 July 2014

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