Hypselodoris? sp e373

This undescribed nudibranch is probably a species of Hypselodoris, but so far that is just a guess based on the shape of the body and gills. The internal anatomy will need to be checked to more certainly place it, although the upright shape of the egg mass (not shown) confirms it is not Chromodoris (where we formerly had it listed). So far, more than a dozen specimens have been found, most of them at night on the leeward seaward reef of Kwajalein Atoll. One was found by day under a rock on a lagoon pinnacle. The largest individual measured about 35mm stretched out.

Below is a what would appear to be a juvenile.

Here is an even smaller specimen embedded within a colony of prey sponge.

One found in a surge channel cave on the seaward reef at night on 31 January 2016.

Another specimen from a night dive on the western Kwajalein Atoll seaward reef, in a small cave at a depth of about 15m on 11 November 2016.

Created 16 December 2005
Updated 23 March 2017

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