Cadinella subornatissima Baba, 1996

The first animal identified as Cadinella subornatissima in the Marshalls was a single specimen found on an eastern lagoon reef of Kwajalein Atoll. It was under a rock at a depth of about 6m on 26 October 2008. Previously known only from Japan and Korea, the Marshall Islands is a considerable range extension. It was found here at Kwajalein on the same reef and in the same habitat where we see most of our Cadlinella ornatissima.

The gills are expanded in the photo below, shot in the exact position the animal was first seen.

It seems likely that this single specimen found at Bikini Atoll (below) is also C. subornatissima. When found, we considered it a form of C. ornatissima. It had an interesting pattern of streaky orange blotches on the dorsum between all-white pustules.

Created 1 November 2008
Updated 17 January 2009

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