Favorinus cf pacificus Baba, 1937

At least six specimens of this Favorinus have been found, all at Kwajalein Atoll. The first was eating white dorid egg in a lagoon Halimeda algae patch at about 8m on 13 October 2008 and the second two were found on a large gray dorid egg mass (possibly Sebadoris fragilis) under a sheet of corrugated aluminum at a depth of about 3m in Kwajalein Harbor on 14 October 2008. Although this has been called Favorinus pacificus on at least one website, it is not an exact match to Baba's original description. While these specimens have some resemblance to Favorinus mirabilis, all were much larger than all the F. mirabilis we have seen, ranging up to 20mm in length. Also, F. mirabilis generally have only a small reddish purple dot near the tip of the cerata instead of these larger reddish purple balls that nearly fill the cerata tips. Favorinus mirabilis also have cerata and the body heavily spotted with white, and have larger and distinct white spots on their cephalic tentacles. The first three photos below show the 13 October specimen. A specimen from Indonesia is figured in Gosliner et al (2008) as Favorinus sp. 1.

The next three shots show the 14 October specimens.

The next three shots show a specimen found eating dorid nudibranch eggs on a Kwajalein Atoll lagoon pinnacle at a depth of about 8m on 8 March 2009. Looks like it has lost a few cerata.

Compare these rhinophores with the specimen shown in the first three photos on this page.

The two photos below show one of two specimens found 1 November 2009 on a shallow lagoon reef under a discarded aluminum basting pan off one of Kwajalein Atoll's inhabited islands. This one was small, measuring 7mm in length.

Created 18 October 2008
Updated 22 July 2014

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