Flabellina sp. e626

Flabellina sp. e626 is very similar in overall appearance to the widespread and variable Flabellina rubrolineata but differs primarily in the tall, smooth rhinophores. We found our single specimen on 5 July 2011. It measured 25mm and was found at about 33m on a layer of loose algae and detritus at the base of a sandy lagoon slope near Gugeegue Island. In natural light, the bright colors of the nudibranch appeared as simple black. A similar animal is figured in Gosliner et al 2015 as Flabellina angelvaldesi (originally described in Unidenta). Specimens we have seen commonly in Bali (still figured as Unidenta angelvaldesi) are similar in external morphology, but differ so much in color from our single specimen that we are leaving it separate for now.

The photo below, taken at the moment it was found, shows the animal on a mixed mat of algae and detritus. Included within the mat are fairly large hydroids, which this nudibranch may have been eating. This photo is a still captured with a video camera.

Zooming in on a couple of the hydroids from right below the nudibranch.

Created 6 July 2011

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